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Questions About Purchasing Tickets on Atlas Tickets?  Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How many tickets can I order at one time?
It is up to the individual seller on how many tickets you can purchase at one time.  Typically, you can purchase the entire block of tickets but can not add separate ticket listings at the same time.  You also cannot leave a single ticket when ordering from a listing of two tickets or more.

Can I add multiple listings to the cart at one time?
Unfortunately, no.  Each of our listings comes from specific sellers and could potentially have different pricing, delivery methods, and delivery times.  For customer clarity, we only allow one listing to be purchased at a time.  However, if you would wish to purchase a group of tickets please reach out to a ticket expert who can certainly handle this purchase over the phone:  Atlas Tickets Ticket Expert.

How will I receive my tickets?
You can obtain the delivery method as it is listed on every individual ticket listing. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to one of our ticket experts. 

The potential delivery methods include digital, email, physical, and pick-up.  Pick-up may include will call at the venue or a vendor nearby.  If the tickets are listed as mobile ticket transfer you may be required to use a smartphone to enter the venue.  All instructions for obtaining tickets from any order will be sent to your email used during checkout. 

Are Emails My Tickets?
No, emails are not tickets, nor will they allow you to enter an event or venue.  The information in the emails will provide you ticket delivery method and instructions. Please note that you may need to download items from an email or create an account to access your tickets.

Am I guaranteed to purchase seats together?
Yes, per our guarantee, unless otherwise noted, your seats will be next to each other. 

My event is today, will I receive my tickets in time?
Yes, please note the delivery method and date. Some tickets are delivered instantly or quickly, while others may require pickup. If you have questions or concerns, our team is happy to help. 

What are your fees?
There are no additional fees when ordering on Atlas Tickets! 

What currency do you use on Atlas Tickets?
All of our prices are in U.S. dollars

Why was there a hold on my credit card during a purchase?
Once you place an order on Atlas Tickets, a hold will appear on your credit card until the order is confirmed, at which point your card will be charged.

What is your exchange or cancellation policy?
Unfortunately, there are no exchanges on Atlas Tickets and all sales are final. 

Atlas Tickets is your source for San Diego Padres Tickets!